Each of us has the ability to create change. Each of us has the power to do something small. As seen in the film, one small act can ripple out to affect countless lives. So what can you do? What’s your small act?

Want to volunteer in your community?
Visit the HBO Documentary Films & Network for Good SMALL ACT webspace. You’ll find a place to search for volunteer opportunities near you.

Would you like to donate to a cause you believe in?
Even a small amount can make a big difference to people in need. Consider how much Hilde’s small contribution changed Chris’ life. There are 1.8 million causes on the Network for Good website, take a moment to find the program you would like to support. Want to check on exactly how charities use their money? You can also visit www.charitynavigator.org for information.

Since the premiere of A SMALL ACT, HILDE BACK EDUCATION FUND has expanded its services and increased the number of students it supports. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor then click HERE to for information about the HILDE BACK EDUCATION FUND or link directly to their DONATIONS PAGE. (The Hilde Back Education Fund is a partner with Creative Visions Foundation, which is receiving U.S. Donations on its behalf – Donations made to Creative Visions Foundation will go to the Hilde Back Education Fund)

Interested in sponsoring A SMALL ACT screening? The team behind A SMALL ACT is currently raising money for a screening series in Kenya and other African nations. The goal of each screening is to inspire and assist in the creation of new, locally run education programs such as the Hilde Back Education Fund. CONTACT US for more information on the A SMALL ACT Screening Series Project.

Bring A SMALL ACT to your hometown. Visit our HOST A SCREENING page or CONTACT US for information on how to host a community screening in partnership with your own organization, church group, temple or school. It’s good to get the word out that great things can come from small actions.

And please – tell us about your small acts. Stories of change inspire others, and we want to know what you’re up to. Upload photos and videos or share your stories at our facebook page facebook.com/asmallact or at HBO – SHARE YOUR STORY.
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